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Innventegg is an initiative by 3D Club House Pvt. Ltd. to mass market and sell all products designed and manufactured using the 3D Club House Pvt. Ltd., innovation pipeline “Invent100” by novel innovators.  

We are engaged in supporting young innovators to bring their innovative ideas to market, without any hassle. 

The backbone of innovation is based in the platform and Spark design systems hosted by 3D Club House PVt. Ltd. in web and app. 

At 3D Club House, we are passionate about our youth. We strive to provide them the right tools and platform for learning, embracing and growing through to become part of the next Industrial Revolution.  We aid all in thinking, designing, prototyping & low volume manufacturing via various additive manufacturing methods as FDM 3D Printing, DLP 3D Printing. Children at various levels of awareness can join us and enrich their learning, life and careers ahead.
In a fast approaching generation of Artificial Intelligence Engines, Deep Learning Machines & Robotics aided automation, it is of utmost imperative that we equip our children and usher them into the world of tomorrow and skill them from an early age.  We are now aiding the new dimension of thought. The idea that, how an idea can become a reality just by mere means, as drawing in a paper, & how they can give life to the next gen wind turbines or such through a simple blueprint/ CAD design via our platform.
3D Printing is the most accessible and affordable system for our youth to start exploring their ideas in the next wave of customized smart gears for tomorrow.

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